Been chatting to a few of our new ninjas this week.

And we’ve noticed, in several cases, something we see every month with the new dudes.

The ‘over doing’ it mindset.

More is more.

People hear us recommend that they need to rebalance their food intake.

Going from the mega high carb diet they were on to a balanced diet of natural carbs, healthy fats and protein.

So they decide to “cut out carbs”.

Or they hear us recommend 3 or 4 group sessions.

So they decide to double up on some days and go for 8.

Or they’ll do the 4 but keep doing spinning, body pump or summit else.

They’ll hear that they’ve probably got elevated cortisol or insulin (or some other hormone) and strive to drive it down as much as possible.

And so on.

It’s human nature.

To think “If some of this is good, then even more must be even better”.

It’s not always the case.

The human body (and pretty much all ‘systems’) respond best to an ‘optimal dose’ of something.

Not too much of one thing.

Not too little of another.

Everything in balance is how the body works best.

Yin and yang.

Exercise and recovery in the right balance.

The different macro nutrients (protein, carbs and fat) in the right balance.

All the hormones (which are there for a reason) working nicely together, in the right balance.

You get the idea.

4 good workouts a week is plenty.

A third of your energy from protein, fats and carbs is good.

Get sleep, stress, hydration, etc sorted.

And give it time.

More won’t neccessarily be more.

Much love,

Jon ‘Moreish’ Hall and Matt ‘Mormon’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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