It’s the year 2000.


You’re in a cinema in Chicago.


Watching Payback with Mel Gibson (starring Mel Gibson, I should say. He’s not sat next to you).


## Note – none of these things are true. It’s that clever writing thingy I did t’other day again 🙂 ##


On the way in you are handed a free soft drink and a bucket of popcorn.


The popcorn is proper rank though.


Turns out is supposed to be that way.


It was popped five days ago and has gone wretched.


Someone else compares it to “Styrofoam packing peanuts”.


Two others, forgetting that they’d received the popcorn for free, demand their money back.


How much does everyone eat?


Not much you’d assume.


Turns out that half of you were given a medium sized bucket.


The other half a huge one.


Both fairly substantial and unfinishable.


The dudes with the big bucket eat an average of 53% more.


21 extra hand fulls and 173 more calories.


When interviewed after not a single one of the BTPs (Big Tub Posse) thought the size of the tub would’ve made any difference.


“Things like that don’t trick me” and “I’m pretty good at knowing when I’m full” were quotes recorded.


Similar figures have been found in pretty much every study ever done on portion sizes.


When amounts of food are on offer that are sufficient to not be finished……….


Those with more in front of them ALWAYS eat more.


The take home from this is pretty obvious.


Rather than fighting with willpower………


Do what you can to put less food infront of yourself.


Don’t go hungry, of course.


That’s not a long term solution.


Have what you feel you need.


But don’t create a situation that means you’re likely to overeat.


Plate up portions in the kitchen, rather than having everything out on the table.


Going back for more if you feel you need it.


If you want to have something less healthy, then don’t make it worse by having more there that you’re bound to eat.


Have a slice of cake and put the rest away rather than leaving it out tempting you.


A standard size pack of crisps, chocolate coated sugar bar, etc.


Rather than a massive one you intend to only have a bit of but will, inevitably, demolish.


You get the idea.


Don’t rely on willpower (check if you like the idea of an approach not just based on willpower and trying harder).


Engineer your environment so it happens relatively easily.
Much love,


Jon ‘Braveheart’ Hall and Matt ‘Lethal Weapon’ Nicholson


P.S. This week we’ll be covering a few different things about ‘environment’ – managing what’s around you to make it all a bit easier rather than making it unnecessarily harder.





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