The other day I heard what initially appeared to be an interview on the radio.

It began with an explanation that’s included the “stat” mentioned in the blog title.

“More than a quarter of us are buying more cans than ever before”

You know, tinned / canned food and drinks.

It then went into an interview with an apparent industry expert where the interviewer asked;

“Why are we buying more canned items than ever before?”

With the interviewee then reeling off a list of the advantages of canned products.

It was clearly just a promotional piece.

But what jumped out of me was how the meaning of the stats was exaggerated.

If one quarter of people are buying more canned products, then that means that three quarters are buying the same or less than before.

Which isn’t likely to then equate to a large increase overall.

Potentially a decrease.

This is a not uncommon tactic.

Where something that is perhaps true is then twisted to tell a somewhat different story.

The benefits of various supplements is one.

There’ll be some kernel of truth in what’s been said.

They’ll be some active ingredient that has been shown to have some level of benefit.

But that quickly gets turned into a benefit of the supplement that is hugely exaggerated.

Or the fact that a higher percentage of the energy that you’re using does come from fat stores during lower intensity exercise……….

Is then turned into “low intensity exercise is best for weight loss”.

—– You’re better off using 700 calories, 50% from fat stores then you are 250 calories, 80% from fat stores. Note: these numbers are made up for illustration purposes —–

Or that exercise can marginally increase the amount of energy that you continue to use after a workout is completed (but only in the order of a calorie or so an hour for a few days at most)……..

Gets turned into “Our workouts turn you into a fat burning machine for up to 72 hours afterwards”.

Most things you hear that are trying to sell you a product or servive will have that kernel of truth in there.

But it’s possibly been twisted to something that is somewhere between tenuous and untrue.

If in doubt, ask me 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘Quarter Finals’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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