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Have you ever set out with an intent to do something like the following;

– Get more sleep
– Do more exercise
– Drink more water
– Snack less
– Drink less
– Eat better

I’m sure we all have.

How did it go?

I’d be fairly confident that, on average, it didn’t happen.

They all sound like perfectly valid goals, don’t they?

But what would you think if someone came to you at work and said they intended to “work harder”?

Or “do more calls”?

“Make more money”?

“Have more (or less) meetings”?

“Perform better”?

“Reduce outgoings”?

And so on………

You’d probably ask what all those things look like now.

And what the target was for each of them.

You’d want numbers, I should imagine.

Something measurable.

And a plan in place to make those things happen.

Because, after all, it’s much easier to plan something when we have numbers, isn’t it?

When we know the numbers we have now, the numbers we want and what’s in the gap.

And our personal goals are no different.

If we put a number on the process that needs to happen to produce the outcome………..

The outcome is more likely to happen.

We’ll put plans in place for how to achieve those numbers.

Know when they are happening and build confidence and momentum.

Realise when they aren’t and figure out why.

Course correct.

Putting a number on our health and fitness goals makes them way more likely to happen.

“Get more sleep” can become “be in bed by X o clock on week nights”

“Do more exercise” can become “exercise X times per week at Y times in Z location”

“Drink more water” can become “take a 2 litre bottle of water to work and drink it over the day”

“Snack less” can become “X snacks of under Y calories per week”

“Drink less” can become “only drink on X number of days per week”

“Eat better” can become “total of X calories across the week”

Or some other version.

But that putting a number on it immediately makes it into an actual plan that we create steps to achieve.

“More,” “less” and “better” rarely happen.

Numbers don’t always but they do much more often (and we can learn more when they don’t).

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Much love,

Jon ‘Car insurance’ Hall


RISE in Macclesfield was established in 2012 and specialise in Group Personal Training weight loss programmes for those that don’t like the gym and find diets boring and restrictive!

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