I heard an advert on the radio today.

For recruiting new people into the teaching profession.

It was a teacher talking about one of his experiences when he was at school.

How he struggled with maths

And how a good teacher helped him with it by helping him understand that the big problem that he couldn’t see how to make any headway with……..

Was, in fact, just a series of small problems that he could work through.

Like most big problems in life are.

Losing three stone of body fat can feel insurmountable.

Losing a pound, then losing another pound for a total of 42 is just a process that can be chipped through over time.

Completely overhauling the way we eat might get some great results………

But experience has shown us that it probably won’t happen.

Making some subtle changes now and then a few more subtle changes when they’re a bit more embedded can quickly add up.

Going from not exercising in months or years to exercising several times a week usually feels a step too far.

Just doing your next workout is a much easier next step.

A work project can usually be broken down into multiple smaller steps.

A relationship that’s not where you’d like it to be can be changed by an accumulation of relatively small conversations and interactions.

When a problem feels too big to solve……

Break it down into smaller problems that you can work through over time – it’ll be a smaller problem come January if you do something about it now, rather than making it worse in the meantime –> www.myrise.co.uk/apply .

Much love,

Jon ’99 problems’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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