Hey dudes,


I was going to write a bit more today on the whole ‘chimp brain’ thing I introduced on Friday.


But I’m not really in the mood, so I’m going to cover something else.




I’m starting writing this after the first LEAN Map assessment at Macc this morning.


One of the members was telling me that she’d been struggling with motivation.


Not really ‘feeling like it’.


But, the good news was she was still doing ‘it’.


Not doing as many session as she wanted, but doing more than she did before (none).


Not eating as healthily as she would like, but still eating more healthily than before she started with us.


And she’d made forward progress.


These habits have become, to some degree, a new way of life for her.


And that’s the key.


Motivation waxes and wanes.


I’m not really feeling ‘it’ today, to be honest.


A heavy weekend has left my mind not ‘in the right place’.


But the things I need to do today, both work and personal, have been built into my life so that they’re not really optional.


Writing this blog is scheduled and not something I chose to do or not.


The eating and exercise and scheduled parts of my day.


As they had become with the member I mentioned before.


We’ve mentioned before that ‘motivation is a finite resource’ – we can’t rely on it and it alone.

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You don’t need motivation to go to work, get the kids to school, etc – you might not feel like doing them all the time, but you just get on and do them – they are none-negotiable parts of your day.


So whatever you are doing or plan to do – try and make it part of your day, rather than ‘something you try and do’.


Much love,


Jon ‘The boys loved meeting the world champion on Friday’ Hall and Matt ‘Michael Jackson was awesome’ Nicholson


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