In June Matt and I spent a day in Nottingham at a media training event.


We were there to learn how best to use radio, TV, internet and print media to spread the message of our business.


Whilst there we added a number of the FitPros (fitness professionals) we met as friends on facebook to help broaden our contacts in the industry.


And several of them added us.


This caused me to accidentally accept the man I now refer to as my ‘Facebook Stalker’.


I regularly get requests to ‘friend’ me on facebook from what are termed in the wrestling industry as ‘Grapple Gays’ – dudes who like watching wrestling because they like looking at the guys doing it.


I always ignore these requests.


For anyone that wants to there is plenty of pictures of me on the internet wearing relatively little (wrestling photos before anyone gets the wrong idea), but I don’t really want people I don’t know looking through my facebook stuff.


But this guy sneaked through my filter by adding me at the same time as others.


He then started messaging me.


It’s the same message every week or so.


Just “Hi”.


See below for a screen grab of our ‘conversation history’:

My facebook stalker Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss advice


I appreciate I can unfriend him.


But I’m genuinely interested as to how long he’ll keep this going for.


It seems a rubbish system.


But he must be getting some degree of return from some of the people he’s messaging to make it worthwhile.


So – poor system + excellent adherence = result.


It is of course best to use a good system.


It’s why our L.E.A.N. System incorporates the best we know in Lifestyle, Exercise and Nutrition with systems for Adherence.


But there’s an old expression that seems apt here.


The best thing to do is the right thing.


The next best thing to do is the wrong thing.


The worst thing to do is nothing at all.


A mediocre system with full adherence will, over time lead to a degree of results.


But a great system is easier to adhere to and will produce the best results.


I’m actually at LegoLand with my kids today.


Like the sneakster I am, I scheduled this before I left.


I’ve been before and know there won’t be much in the way of healthy food.


My next email will cover ‘what we did before the sandwich’.



Much love,


Jon “I love systems” Hall



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