My girlfriend Alex (not the Alex in the initial email series) and I have a lot of family similarities. 


She was born on the 18th January 1980.


Me on the 18th February 1980.


So she’s a cougar 😉


We have one sibling, 3.5 years removed from us,


We have one remaining grandmother.


Called Mary J (Jeffery for my nanna, Jordan for Alex’s).


Who was married to a Charles.


Who had two children.


One of who was called David Charles (Alex’s Dad and my uncle).


One of the children sadly died about 5 years before the father (our Uncles and Grand-fathers respectively).


So – quite a few conincidences.


These are completely irrelevant to this article – just thought you might be interested 😉




The point of this article was a conversation we had with Alex’ Grandma a few weeks ago whilst visiting her in sunny Barnsley.


She’d been re-counting her ‘courting’ days with Alex’s granddad.


Doe’s anyone still ‘court’ nowadays BTW?


We just, sort of, ‘go out’ now, don’t we?


She mentioned a bike ride that he’d taken her on into Derbyshire for one their first dates.


Alex asked if it was nice.


She replied with “Oh no. I didn’t enjoy it at all. But if I hadn’t have gone, some other girl would have”.


It made us both smile.


But there’s a parallel to you in there too.


Sometime in life, we just have to do stuff we don’t really want to.


For the greater good.


That bike ride lead to a 60 plus year marriage.


Kids and grand-kids.


A happy live.


Twas worth it methinks.


I’m sure there’s stuff you don’t like doing that will be ‘worth it’.


Changes to your eating, drinking more water, getting more sleep, etc might not be stuff you exactly ‘want to do’.


But, I’m sure you’ll agree it’ll be worth it when you’re happy with your body and the way you look and feel.


On Monday I’ll cover how I’ve come to realise that we’re taught to make excuses from being a very young age and what we can do to unlearn that behaviour.


And you live longer.


Much love,


Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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