My job is not to prove you wrong [A better “right”?]

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I mentioned yesterday that often when it feels like people are attacking you, they’re just defending themselves.

Their beliefs, opinions, ways of doing things.

And how that’s fine.

Sometimes when you do what we do, it can feel like we’re attacking you.

That we’re attempting to prove you wrong.

Rarely though is there a right or wrong.

There’s different ways of doing things.

Some might serve us better over all.

Some less so.

I’ve mentioned before the difference between an instructor, a consultant and a coach.

An Instructor gives you answers to their questions.

A Consultant gives you the answers to your questions.

A Coach helps you asks better questions.

From my experience, most people who describe themselves as coaches are instructors.

Nothing wrong with being an instructor.

But what they’re doing is just telling you what they have done to a get the result they’ve got which, on a surface level at least, you also want.

Some get as far as being a consultant.

They actually listen to what you want and answer your questions more specifically to you.

But they’re probably the same answers you’ve had to the same questions before.

We want to help you ask better questions.

And find answers to them.

The answers may end up being the same as before.

But, from my experience, they usually leads to answers that serve us better.

Our job is not to prove you wrong.

There is no right or wrong.

It’s to ask better questions to lead to answers that serve you better.

Much love,

Jon ‘Turn’ Hall

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