We have a girl shortage in my family.


I have 3 sons and 5 nephews.


But only one step-daughter and one niece.


My niece, Lucy, is one of the loveliest girls you could ever meet.


She’s beautiful, always smiling and positive and up for anything.


But reading isn’t her greatest strength.


Up until a year or so ago she was really struggling and usually tried to avoid it.


So they had an assessment to see if there was anything extra that can be done to help her.


Afterwards my sister told me that they put a coloured overlay on top of some writing………


And Lucy said “That’s better, the words have stopped jumping around”.


Which was, as you can imagine, rather eye opening.


Lucy’s brain, in some ways at least, works a bit differently.


And rather than just ‘trying harder’ with an approach that wasn’t inline with the way her brain works.


She now has systems that assist her and work with her.


A set of coloured overlays and extra support specific to her.


And it’s the same with all of us.


All of our brains work differently to some extent.


Even down to just personal preference, likes and dislikes.


If you can’t ‘get on’ with one particular approach…….


Such as type of exercise, a certain diet, a slimming club, etc………


Then just ‘trying harder’ won’t be much help (most of our ninjas clicked this link to try us out when they got sick of just ‘trying harder’ –> myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting).


Find an approach that ‘works with you’.


That you enjoy, or at least find tolerable.


That takes you in the right direction.


And you can see yourself doing indefinitely.



Much love,


Jon ‘Datlexia’ Hall and Matt ‘Actually a bit dyslexic’ Nicholson





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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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