I get this a lot….”Matt what is the best way to get rid of this belly…get a smaller bum…get rid of my bingo wings” etc.

There are some technical reasons behind some of these but I don’t want to get into the nitty gritty today.

I remember having a conversation with one a new client recently. She explained she has read the first parts of our “The Real Balanced Diet” book and the has started to cut out the processed carbs etc. But then she told me that she has 2 YES 2 take always a night because she gets in too late.

I felt like banging her head on the brick wall….Why 2 I asked? She said she didn’t eat a lot in the day so she was so hungry at night she always ordered 2.

Sh*t the bed!!!! No wondered she was over weight. So I said this and this is now my NUMBER 1 fat loss tip.


Ye I said it, everyone knows it but people still do it. Cut out the Takeaways, crisps, biscuits, beer, sweets, fizzy drinks, microwave meals. CUT THE CRAP!!!

Its not rocket science everyone knows that takeaways sweet and fizzy drinks are bad, but time and time again I see realllly over weight people just living on shit stuff….and then they wonder why they have put 4 stone on in 18 months?

So yes before you make ANY changes that we ask, first you must cut the crap, if you don’t cut the crap nothing will change.


Much love.



Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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