We’ve spoken many times before about how the words we use drive out thoughts which drive our actions.


A common way for people to justify eating crap, missing workouts and generally abusing themselves is to say they’ve “been a bit naughty”.


As always we’re not here to preach.


People can do whatever they want.


But it’s a way of thinking of things that often limits people’s progress.


So it’s our job to help them question that.


People kinda like to think of themselves as ‘a bit naughty’.


So justifying something as being naughty makes it sound fun.


A bit cheeky like.


Imagine if next time you were ‘naughty’ you instead rephrased it as “Despite spending the last 10 years getting progressively more unhappy with the way I look and feel, I just made it worse for 10 seconds of pleasure on the lips”.


Or “I knew I would feel bad after, that it wouldn’t be worth it and that it’ll make be less happy, but I did it anyway”.


You get the idea!


Stop thinking about things as ‘naughty’ and see them how they actually are.


And see how that makes you feel about them.


And how likely you are to do them.


Much love,


Jon ‘My naughtiness is never to do with food’ Hall and Matt ‘Naughty but nice’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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