It’s quite a common thing when I talk to other Fitness Professionals that they express “I hate having to sell things”.

And I get that.

“Selling” can be seen as something of a dirty word if it’s framed a certain way.

We think of sleazy second-hand car salesman.

We think of people trying to do us out of money.

But it’s powerful to remember that we all sell things all day every day.

If we tell our friend about a great TV programme that we enjoyed and they then go and watch it, we have sold that to them.

If we persuade them to have a drink or some cake, we have sold that to them.

Selling is just persuading someone to do something.

Maybe sometimes money is involved.

But not always.

And if what we’re selling someone is to do something that will benefit them and lead to the results that they desire………

Then that’s not sleazy……..

That’s awesome.

I know that my job involves selling to people at every stage.

And often repeatedly.

Every step of a relationship with someone is selling them something

Selling them on taking the action that will benefit them and leave them to the resource of their desire.

I sell them on requesting more information about what we do via one of our adverts.

I sell people on filling out the application form to find out more about what we do (this one –

I sell them on then booking in for a chat on the phone with me.

I sell them on then actually taking that call.

I sell them on then joining the initial four week programme (if we’re a good fit for each other).

I sell them on then turning up for the Sessions.

I sell them on using the support systems that we have in place and not just saying “I know what I need to do, I just need to do it”.

I sell them on making some tactical changes to their food.

I sell them on staying engaged in the process.

I then continue to sell them then on continuing to make choices that will lead them in the direction they want to go in.

To achieve the results that they desire.

Selling, at least the way I approach it, isn’t done with a view to tricking someone out of their money.

It’s done with a view to helping someone make the decisions that they want to make for the results that benefit them.

And, if that then helps me pay my bills and feed my kids, then I get to carry on doing it.

And, whilst I’ll continue to try and sell you on the decisions that will get you what you want……..

You also need to sell to yourself.

Remind yourself of the benefits.

Remind yourself of the drawbacks of the other decisions.

Selling is rarely a one and done process.

You have to resell yourself on all your decisions.

I’ll do my best to help with that.

But ultimately, it will come from you.

Much love,

Jon ‘My eldest once threatened to sell his brother on eBay for £6’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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