Hope you had a nice evening dude?


And the head isn’t too bad?


Mine probably is.


I say probably as I actually wrote this on Wednesday 😉




1st of January innit?


Facebook will be full of it.


You’ll be getting leaflets through your door.


Emails galore (Hey – you get useful stuff every day out of these, not just mostly ‘Give me your money’ offers).


Your phone will be ringing off the hook.


As every other gym and FitPro in town shouts out ‘New Year, New You’.


And proclaims that “2016 is YOUR year.”


And do you know what they have got for you?


What they have planned to make sure you get those elusive results?


The results that you’ve joined / restarted to get, every January for year more years than you care to remember?


###### Drum roll ########


It’s the same thing as every other year.


You’ll still be renting access to a load of equipment you find boring / uninspiring / intimidating / painful.


Or you’ll be getting access to the same diet plans or Purple Day / Orange Day nonsense as before.


The same stuff that doesn’t work for 95% of the people who try it.


It’s why their only way to get you in is to discount January (or drop a joining fee or similar) and tie you in for the rest of the year they know you won’t use).


If it hasn’t worked for you before, then what will be different this time?


One of two things need to change.


Or both.


Change what you do to something that fits better with you.


And / or change YOU.


Not the physical you.


That will come with time.


Change the inner you.


We mention it all the time.


But most just think “Yeah, that sounds good.”


And do nothing with it.


Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes.


Work on those self limiting beliefs.


Those habits.


Those thought processes that hold you back.


A bit of soul searching.


It’s not easy.


If it was, everyone would have done it and we’d all be in great shape.


But, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done.


Let the hangover subside.


Then, your homework for the weekend………..


Is to actually have a real good think about these things.


I’ll ask on Monday if you have been.


BTW, if you’re fancying trying out what we do………


Then I’m afraid you’ve missed the boat for this January.


No cramming more and more people in like a gym does.


Knowing most of them will stop coming soon.


Your next chance to find out more is on the 26th Jan, for the February challenges – myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting.



Much love,


Jon ‘Watching Star Wars with the kids and the old man tonight’ Hall and Matt ‘Saw it the day it came out’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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