“No – don’t attack me like that” [“Hit me this way”]

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Who remembers being at school and your mate has been to his first martial arts session.

“Hit me” s/he says.

“Go on. Hit me. I can defend myself now”

So you slap them round the side of the head.

“Ouch. Not like that. Reach out towards my shoulders with both hands”.

I’m assuming that’s not just a memory of mine as I saw it several times over the years.

That false confidence we can get about being able to deal with a problem.

But only if it happens in a very specific way.

It’s why we often struggle with many challenges in life.

They don’t happen quite the same each time.

It’s often not obvious what’s going on until it’s kinda too late.

We’ve missed another workout.

Made another food and / or drink choice that we regret.

But, like marital arts, we’ll get better with practice.

Getting hit isn’t really practice.

It’s the blocking and the dodging that is.

We won’t get much better by just getting hit over and over.

Like we won’t get better at making the food, drink, exercise and lifestyle choices that serve us…….

By not making them.

Sure, working through some of those hits can be part of us getting closer to the next block and getting better at that…….

But only if we actually do some of those blocks.

Much love,

Jon ‘Karate White Belt’ Hall

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