No Time To Die(t)?

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You may have noticed that the new James Bond film came out last Thursday.

Daniel Craig’s last outing as 007 in No Time To Die.

My two oldest sons and I have been doing a Thursday night ‘Bondathon’ for the last few months – working through the previous 24 films in order.

Along with three other friends (and their kids).

We rate each film for the actor as Bond, the film as a whole, the main villain, the henchman and the song.

But that’s by the by.

I was thinking about the new film the other day.

And I was reminded of an old episode of The Simpsons (most of my references are at least twenty years old).

Homer is running through some trees and comes across a giant billboard which seem to say “Die”.

He screams.

The wind blows back another bit of tree to reveal that it says “Diet”.

He screams even louder.

And I thought of the title to this blog.

“No Time To Die(t)”.

Because that’s what we often think is the case.

Or some variation on that.

We can’t lose weight and get in better shape because we “don’t have time”.

Or are “too busy”.

Maybe “have too much on”?

Forgetting that we could probably make some some positive changes that took little time.

Or maybe no time.

Or even save us time.

It might not be the perfect approach, sure.

It might not be “all”………

But it’s better than “nothing”.

Eating the same but cutting portion sizes takes either no time or saves us a little.

Not the entirety of an approach, sure.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.

A few tactical swaps to something equally easy to have might not lead to losing weight as fast as wholesale changes would do.

But the more convenient changes that we do make always beat the theoretically better ones that we don’t.

Not being able to do five lots of an hour of exercise in a week doesn’t mean there isn’t benefit to one or two lots of five or ten minutes.

Won’t get us in The Olympics.

Will get us fitter than no exercise at all will do.

We always have time to diet / eat better / do some exercise / make some positive changes.

Telling ourselves that we don’t is just setting ourselves up for disappointment down the line.

Rather than concentrating on what we feel we “can’t do”………….

Could we just do what we “can”?

Much love,

Jon ‘I’m hoping they’re going to flesh out my brief cameo in SPECTRE – near the end, James walks past a wall full of names of the dead, middle row, fifth from bottom’ Hall

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