Someone sent me a link t’other day.


A new exercise programme that’s coming to the UK.


I’m not going to name it and go into details on it.


Slagging other people’s stuff on t’internet isn’t the way I roll 😉


But I did notice one of their taglines was “No two workouts ever the same”.


Now I get the idea.


Keep it varied and interesting.


Which we like.


But randomness for randomnesses sake isn’t our cup of tea.


All the research ever done shows a structured progressive programme beats random exercise hands down for results.


Every day of the week.


Progressing the same workout through a block of time (we like four to five weeks)………


Allows mastering of the techniques……..


And progression on performance.


Which is what’s needed to actually cause change in the body.


Variety within the week makes sense.


For both enjoyment and making sure “all the bases are covered”.


But week to week progression for that block is key to actually getting results.


The key, ultimately, to getting the best results is hitting that sweet spot of doing something that will get results………


But it is enjoyable (or at least bearable) enough that you can feasibly do it for the rest of your life.


We know some of our critics like to pick holes in our programme design and point out how there’s is better.


And it may be on paper.


But if they have few clients and fewer (none as far as we can see) success stories.


And we know other approaches look awesome fun.


But they don’t seem to have any success stories either.


Effectiveness + Enjoyment = Success 🙂


## As always, check if you like the sound of that ##


Much love,


Jon ‘Same Difference’ Hall and Matt ‘Jedward’ Nicholson


P.S. Pretty easy middle names – one bonus point for the connection 🙂




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