Those of you that have me as a Facebook friend may have seen I went to A&E two weeks ago yesterday (the day of the school Year 2 Dads’ night out that I mentioned yesterday).

I’d woken up with a really rather excruciating ankle.

I hadn’t done anything particular – I’m guessing I just reaggravated an old injury from my eldest son’s 8th birthday trampoline party.

I’d got quite a busy weekend so I was mainly after some crutches and painkillers.

By the Monday when I was taking sessions at RISE it was reasonable.

I was off the crutches and just limping a bit.

Quite a few members asked how I was doing with it.

And in one of the conversations a member commented;

“Now you know how we feel”

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“The injuries and aches and pains that many of us have”.

“Mate, I’d put my injuries and aches and pains up against the vast majority of people’s. I’ve got damaged vertebrae in my neck. I’ve broken my shoulder, my arm, my hand, my foot, some ribs and done both ankles in. My neck and back have caused me pain 24 hours a day for over 20 years now.”

“Oh. I didn’t realise. I assumed you wouldn’t have anything like that”.

Which I get.

But there’s a couple of lessons I can draw from this.

Which I’ll do in this blog and tomorrow’s.

Because, you know, blogging for over 3,000 days in a row ain’t easy.

The first is that it’s a natural thing to assume that those that are achieving the results that we desire aren’t facing the same challenges we are.

Particularly when you are a Fitness Professional, people assume that you have a super easy and uncomplicated life.

Maybe, in some cases, others aren’t facing that exact same challenges as you are.

But if over 20 years of doing this has taught me anything, it’s that they will be facing plenty of their own challenges.

We don’t know what’s going on in everyone else’s life behind the scenes.

And, again from my experience, making positive changes to our life and body doesn’t come from when we stop having injuries, being really busy or any other challenge.

It comes from doing what we can under the circumstances, even whilst those things are there.

Slowing down and speeding up as circumstance dictates.

But not letting it stop us completely.

Making those challenges things that are ‘on the way’.

Not ‘in the way’.

Not to dismiss any of these difficult things that can happen in our lives.

I’m not naïve enough to claim that they’re irrelevant.

But when we accept that others will be facing similar challenges…….

We can look more at what people have done to still make progress in the situations that we’re finding difficult (cough *** they clicked here for proven help –> *** cough).

Much love,

Jon ‘feeling ucey’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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