12 years ago The Ricky Gervais Show became the first truly huge podcast.


Nowadays there’s loads.


We have one –> myrise.co.uk/podcasts


But this was the first big one.


In one the Christmas edition of the Podfather Trilogy Karl is talking about how he wishes they wouldn’t report new news as it’s more upsetting.


“My theory about reading old news is right, it’s less bad when you know it’s old. There was a story about a weather man who was fired yesterday for having a nude picture of himself on the internet, but that happened two days ago… he’s probably got another job by now. So old news isn’t as shocking.”


To which Ricky replies “Well, old news isn’t news though is it? It’s olds”


Despite being daft, Karl has a point.


When you come back from holiday and find out about something bad that happened a week or two ago, it’s not quite as bad, is it?


If it happened decades ago it’s just ‘history’.


The distancing through time ‘cools’ our reaction.


We’ve mentioned before how our ‘hot system’ primitive parts of the brain deal more with the here and now.


The more recently evolved ‘cool system’ with things more removed – in time, location and person.


And how ‘falsely’ distancing ourselves from the here and now can help those cool system parts kick in.


And help us make those tricky decisions a little more easily.


When faced with food and drink choices imagining that choice to be from a week ago or away, makes it easier to make the decision that will give us the longer term goal we desire.


“If I was offered this cake a week ago, what should I do?”


Cake being a catch-all term for anything that may take you in the wrong direction.


Trick your mind.


Make your ‘news’ into ‘olds’.


And see how you react 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘People who live in a glass house have to answer the door’ Hall and Matt ‘With evolution, things are always changing, so I sort of think: Should we all be growing three heads?’ Nicholson


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