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I’ve come to a realisation over the last few years.

A few actually.

I’ve got another one that I’ll share with you tomorrow about the cause of most of our stress, frustration and difficulties.

Today I’m going to talk about our biggest addiction.

Something I hadn’t even particularly thought of as a thing until a few years ago.

But now I see all the time.


Or, at least, perceived certainty.

We love it.

We’re drawn to it.

A lack of it is, at least, part of the reason why we don’t do some of the things we set out to do.

If you knew for absolute certain that a 5 minute meditation would make you feel better for the rest of the day, would you do it?

What about a workout – if it’s absolutely guaranteed to improve your energy levels, focus and mood for the day?

And by doing three a week you will definitely feel much better in a couple of months?

And combined with some better food choices you will 100% have lost 20lbs, like how your body is looking and feeling more and you’ll feel more confident?

If I could guarantee it that by going to bed earlier you would definitely get more sleep and feel better tomorrow would you be more likely to do it?

If I could tell you that if you did certain things at work then you would definitely get that promotion, increase turnover, etc would you do them?

I know many, many FitPros who’ve left the industry over the years, not because they can’t get enough clients……….

But because they’d rather have the definite, guaranteed, but probably lower wage of an employed job than the up and down, uncertain income that can come with doing your own thing.

I’ve seen many people comment over the last few years that the thing they struggle with the most is the uncertainty of what’s going to happen and what they will or won’t be able to do.

On the flip side, we choose other things that we have certainty about.

That glass or wine or beer will make us feel better.

Maybe only short term, but we’re 100% confident it will do the job.

So will that slice of cake, biscuit, etc.

Missing that workout we could’ve made will definitely be easier and will definitely allow us time to do something else we value more at that particular moment.

Staying in bed will definitely be easier and more relaxing than getting out and going out in the cold for that workout.

Staying up later to binge watch that new series will definitely give us what we want from it.

Whilst I’m quoting Tony Robbins (the other day) – “The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty that you can comfortably live with”.

Some of the choices we could make on a daily basis have somewhat uncertain outcomes.

Only somewhat.

I don’t think I’ve ever encountered someone who made a Session at RISE, when they were considering skipping it, who wasn’t then glad of the choice that they’d made for how it made them feel.

Must be in the 100,000 plus to nil range now.

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t made the right adjustments to what they’ve eaten (something that’s created a sustained, average calorie deficit) who hasn’t then lost weight.

And I don’t know anyone who’s done that, made those changes and then regretted it.

The benefits of the choices we might not feel like making aren’t 100% guaranteed…………..

But they pretty much are.

That uncertainty is largely in our heads.

And is often exacerbated by the potential benefits that we choose from the decisions in front of us.

And their proximity to us.

Concentrate on the benefits a decision will make right now (and over the coming hours) and we’re more likely to correlate that certainty and do it.

Look solely at the potential benefits that will only come cumulatively in a few months and that uncertainty can make us favour the certain choice in front of us.

When faced with a decision (food, exercise or any other), take a second and ask what the practically guaranteed, pretty much instant benefits are of both choices.

Put yourself in certainty.

Much love,

Jon ‘A word about my weakness, I’m totally addicted to bass’ Hall

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