It’s an often overused phrase in many people’s work, we know.


“Think outside the box”


It’s still a valid one though.


Thinking differently.


Considering things outside of the ‘standard menu of options’.


If you want to do better than others, or just better than you’ve been doing yourself, you need to try things a different way.


“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”.


This weekend I booked much of my next few months’ worth of CPD.


Obvious FitPro stuff of course.


Last night I was on some online training with the world’s most expensive Personal Trainer.


It a few weeks I have two days in Manchester with one of the world’s top strength and conditioning coach.


And some other bits and bobs along the same lines.


But I’ve also arranged stuff with a Police Negotiator, some Buddhists, a dance company, NatWest bank and a rock climber.


And, right now, I will be have way through a 2 1/2 hour workshop with a professional story telling company.


To help me develop my ability to tell stories.


Like this one you’re reading now 🙂


The average FitPro just does fitness courses.


The average FitPro also earns less than they would do flipping burgers in McDonald’s and has an 18 month ‘career’ in the industry.


‘Thinking outside the box’ is one of the reasons what we do works so well.


The average person trying to loss weight tried the standard menu of options (gyms, slimming clubs, diets, etc).


The average person trying to lose weight is also getting fatter and less healthy year on year.


So, unless you’re getting exactly the results you’d like………


Maybe it’s time you started thinking a little differently.


If you’ve just been doing said standard menu of options so far…….


You might like to find out more about what we do ( – you’ll have to copy and paste, I can’t get the link to work).


If you’re already with us and progress has slowed, it’s time to shake things up a little.


Let us know and we’ll work out together what to do.


Better go now as I’m in the wife’s work cafe and the story telling thing starts down he road shortly.



Much love,


Jon ‘The Never Ending Story’ Hall and Matt ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ Nicholson


Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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