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Four years ago I became an Area Manager for Club-Training (the UK’s largest Personal Training Management company). In initial meetings with Andrew and Nick (the Directors) I quickly came across a few terms and expressions that I wasn’t familiar with. One of these was “paradigm shift”. Andrew would tell me that he would like me “to take a paradigm shift on this Jon”. Having ascertained that both were big proponents of Stepehn Covey’s book “the 7 habits of highly effective people” and that this term seemed to come from there, I set about reading the book.


It was one of the most informative and useful things I have ever read. I would recommend it to anyone.


Amongst the many things I learnt from the book was about paradigms. A paradigm is the way you use your opinions, beliefs and experiences to frame situations. You will have doubtless experienced many examples of times where others view the same situation in different ways. They will often say they “have a different point” of view. To take a paradigm shift is to re-frame the same situation and see it from different angles. Having done this you may return to your original view, but it is a very powerful and useful way to consider different situations. With that in mind, I present to you several “paradigm shifts” I have recommended to clients. Ways I would like them to consider a certain situation. Having thought of it this way, they may return to their original viewpoint, but they rarely do:


Paradigm 1

“Eating healthily is expensive”

Paradigm shift:

Eating crap is cheap


Paradigm 2

“It costs more and takes too much time to eat what you reccomend”

Paradigm shift:

Imagine you had always eaten this way and were slim. Imagine someone approached and said “I have a new way of eating for you. It’ll save you a little bit of time and little bit of money, but it will definitely make you fat. Would you like it?”


Paradigm 3

“Eating the way you do costs £5 per day more then how I eat now. I can’t afford that”

Paradigm shift:

You are paying yourself £5 a day to be fat


Paradigm 4

“I don’t have time to be healthy”

Paradigm shift:

Those who don’t find time to be healthy now will have to find time to be ill later and die younger



These are just a few examples of the paradigm shifts that we encourage our 1:1 and Group Personal Training clients at the RISE RISE s in Buxton, Derbyshire and Macclesfield, Cheshire to take in order to help them lose weight, tone up and get fit. Your average diet, gym, class, weight watchers class, etc will just tell you to “try harder”. Like people who get to that stage haven’t already tried that. It doesn’t work. Working harder is for mugs – we’re all about working smarter.


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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