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As you will know if you’re read these blogs for any length of time, members do leave us.

Most facilities will claim otherwise.

But will never increase their membership numbers, despite new people joining.

Our retention is good for the industry and our results are brilliant but, yeah, people move on.

The reasons for moving on are varied.

Some logistical and unavoidable.

Some underpinned, at least, by the fact they haven’t been coming to as many Sessions as they could.

Cancellations from those who are coming three or more times a week are pretty rare.

“I haven’t been making enough Sessions” is a fairly common thing people will say when they let me know they’re stopping their membership.

Which I get.

We all want to feel we’re getting enough value out of our investments to continue justifying them.

Sometimes these members come back after a while.

And I had quite an eye opening conversation with a returning member recently.

We were talking about their experience before and how we could make it work better for them this time.

“Part of me stopped coming so I’d have a reason to cancel” they said.

Which again, I get.

I genuinely believe that, when we’re not doing any exercise at all, it’s not a “busyness thing”.

It’s a “mindset about busyness” thing.

And a “mindset about what’s ‘worth doing'” thing.

We have in place this version that we feel we “should be doing”.

3 or more Sessions in the club each week and eating much better than we normally do.

And we tell ourselves that, when we don’t feel that can happen this week, we should “leave it”.

That “it’s not worth doing just one workout”.

Or making one better food choice.

That we should “start again next week”.

If you’ve read these blogs for any length of time, hopefully you’re on board with the value of doing a sub-optimal amount that will, at least, keep you where you are.

Ready to progress again at some point.

A single workout to maintain fitness.

Enough better food choices to keep our weight where it is, rather than gaining.

We can always do these things.

We can always gain enough value from a membership with us to make it worthwhile.

But if we, essentially, do nothing at all………..

It becomes a much easier justification to stop completely.

Again, I get it.

But it’s worth questioning.

Sometimes when people leave they tell me what they’re planning on doing instead.

And in the case of those that haven’t been coming much, it’s nearly always something that they’ve tried before and which hasn’t ever worked out.

Getting maximum value out of something is a nice thing, sure.

But making better progress (or maintenance)………….

With our health, fitness, energy levels and mood……….

Than we could or would be otherwise………….

Is the best thing!

Much love,

Jon ‘& Answer’ Hall

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