I was chatting to one of our new ninjas the other day.


She was explaining where some of her eating habits had developed.


How in her teens she’d started eating a certain way to help her face some of the challenges in her life.


You know – lots of the sort of food that makes you feel better temporarily.


But makes you feel worse long term.


The challenges of her teens are long gone now.


But the eating patterns they led too remain.


It’s an example of ‘Permanent solutions to temporary problems’.


We all do this.


Start doing something because it helps with the situation as it is.


But keep doing it, through habit, long after the situation has changed.


We starting eating crap food because it’s cheap when we really are tight on funds.


But keep doing it years later when we live in a nice house, drive a nice car, go out most weekends and take regular holidays.


We keep choosing ‘quick and easy’ food because it saved time and we could ‘get away with it’ back then.


But can’t anymore.


We avoid exercise because we didn’t like P.E.


These approaches may have worked in the past.


But, unless you’re currently doing something about it, the fact that you’re reading this email suggests they aren’t working now.


We talked the other week about the ‘bullshit stories’ we tell ourselves.


Have a look now – are the reasons you are or aren’t doing certain things still valid?


If not, maybe it’s time for some new solutions.



Much love,


Jon ‘Spent a tenner a week on food at Uni’ Hall and Matt ‘Didn’t train my back for ages due to an old injury’ Nicholson

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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