I was talking to one our our new ninjas the other day.

She works I project management.
And she explained a little about what she did.
Sure you can imagine – taking end goal and available resources into account and structuring everything to get the desired outcome in the most efficient and effective way.
Interestingly, by her own admission, she was pretty rubbish at planning her own life.
Got me thinking.
Seeing your life as project.
And you as it’s Project Manager.
Is a pretty useful way to look at things.
Write down your desired outcomes:
Related to all areas of life.
Home, family, relationships, work, health, fitness, happiness, etc.
Right down the resources you have to help you achieve these.
Mainly time and money.
But there’s also help from others, knowledge, professional assistance and so on.
And look at how you use those resources to help you achieve your outcomes.
I betcha there is scope to plan the whole thing much more effectively.
I bet “Watch 15 hours of TV a week”, “Check Facebook 27 times in a day”, “Spend 50 quid on booze and cake” didn’t make it on your outcome list.
So why devote so many of your resources to them?
When those resources can be deployed elsewhere?
To achieve outcomes that did make the list.
You get the point.
Give it a go.
Much love,
Jon ‘Alan Parsons Projects’ Hall and Matt ‘Project Runway’ Nicholson
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Jon Hall
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