There was another little phrase from the conference I was on the other week which really rang true to me.


From Dan John, one of the top coaches in American sports over the last 30 years.


“When people first start with you at Point A, they often don’t know where they want to get to.


They don’t know what Point B is.


They just want to get to Point ‘Not A’ ”


Which I thought was a great way to phrase it.


And it’s entirely true.


And it’s why most people can’t connect with the average FitPro.


Who talks exclusively about “feeling awesome.”


About setting PBs and generally doing amazing stuff.


A lot of people can’t imagine that “feeling awesome” is something they could ever get to.


We’ve had countless people tell us they just want to feel “less shit”.


And that’s cool.


We get that.


We’ve felt shit plenty of times in our life.


And we’ve worked with many, many people who have and continue to do so.


Nowt wrong with that.


And that’s what we do.


Help people feel less shit to start with.


Then, maybe, move to feeling ‘ok’.


Then, maybe, over time, get to something closer to awesome.


If you haven’t already started moving away from ‘Point A’, then here’s your first step –>


If you have, and aren’t sure what the next step is, then hit reply.


Let’s work on points B, C, D and so on 🙂
Much love,


Jon ‘A A A A A A A A B C C – not all FitPros failed their exams’ Hall and Matt ‘Good grades if it doesn’t require good spelling’ Nicholson


P.S. It was ‘Seasons in the sun’ by Terry Jacks.



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