The pre mortem is a technique some business use to analyse plans.

Rather than asking “What might go wrong with this?”……..

People are asked to imagine that it already has gone wrong.

That, essentially, the patient has died.

Then analyse what might have happened.

This approach has been shown to predict reasons for future outcomes 30% more than the usual way.


You’ve guessed where I’m going with this, I’m sure.

My strength doesn’t lie in coming up with brand new ideas out of thin air.

It’s seeing ‘connections’ between things that others might not.

Like The Wright brothers saw the link between making bikes and the challenges of powered flight.

And like James Dyson saw the link between saw mill extraction fans and vacuum cleaners.

More on Mr. Dyson tomorrow actually.


So, yeah.

Pre-mortem your day / weekend / week.

Imagine it’s already gone wrong.

Imagine it’s Monday morning and you’ve eaten shit all weekend.

Why was it?

Don’t just think what might happen this weekend.

Imagine it’s already happened.

Get the reasons.

And do something so they don’t happen.

Or, at least, aren’t as bad as they could be.

You know what’s gonna kill that patient.

Make sure that, at worst, (s)he’s just a bit poorly.
Much love,

Jon ‘Pre Op’ Hall and Matt ‘Post’ Nicholson

P.S. Remember if you wait til September to sort out what you’ll be doing when you ‘get back on it’, you’ll have missed the boat –>

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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