There are a thousand and one things we all “know we should do”.


Cutting down on things that are bad for us.


Alcohol, caffeine, crappy food, etc.


Doing more of the stuff that’s good for us.


Exercising, sleep, etc.


And we often find it easy when we first make changes to these.


Because we see quick results.


We drop some weight, feel better, etc.


But, the problem arises when the progress slows.


We get demotivated.


And often go backwards again.


When you analyse that rationally, it makes no sense.


Slower progress (or even standing still) is, obviously, better than going backwards.


Tis’ a no brainer.


But it’s not very exciting is it?


Standing still for the rest of you life is miles better than most manage.


But it hardly makes the blood pump does it?


How excited do you get when you friend tells you look like you’ve lost weight?


Or you check the scales yourself and it’s going nicely in the right direction?


No one ever points out when you haven’t gained weight though, do they?


There’s no awards for people who’ve always been slim.


Imagine telling your friend “Oooh, I had some good news today. I weighed myself this morning and my weight is still the same”.


The process of steady improvement isn’t sexy.


Standing still even less so.


It’s a million miles better than going backward though.


It’s always good to have support while you’re doing it though –




I have a bad back and neck.


Protrusions in the old vertebrae.


Apparently getting dropped on your head and back thousands of times isn’t good for you.


Who’d have thought it!


There’s nothing more satisfying than a good treatment that instantly makes it feel better.


But there’s tonnes of stuff I can do to prevent it getting worse.


And I’m somewhat slack on that.


In part, because it’s a bit boring.




The key is twofold.


Make the process as enjoyable as possible.


Like we do with the way we do exercise and healthy eating.


But also accept that it won’t always be thrilling.


The progress will slow.


It may even level off.


And you’ll never quite ‘see’ what it’s doing in terms of stopping you going backwards.


But it is.


And life is better, in so many ways, than it would’ve been if you hadn’t 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Booorrrrrriiiiiinnnnnnggggg’ Hall and Matt ‘Maintaining’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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