Remember the last time you bought some dishwasher tablets?

Possibly not, but you know what I’m talking about.
You may have bought them based of their name.
Maybe a combination of name and price?
I saw some the other day called ‘Quantum Max Power’.
Sound pretty good, no?
Reckon those bad boys would blast your crockery clean in no time.
But, actually, what does that really mean?
Is that more or less powerful than ‘Fairy Platinum’?
Or ‘Optimum Performance’?
How does it compare to the ‘Powerball Quantum’?
I might crate my own brand called ‘Super Mega Power Blast’.
Sounds good, no?
Ultimately, these are examples of labelling and description are fairly meaningless.
As a lot of foods labels have become.
What does ‘Made with natural goodness’ actually mean?
How much fruit has to be in something in order to say ‘Made with real fruit’?
Does ‘no added sugar’ mean there’s not much sugar in there?
Does something being ‘High in antioxidants’ or ‘Fortified with Vitamins XYZ’ mean it’s healthy?
Does someone being described as ‘Healthy’ mean it is healthy?
It’s very easy to find a way to describe something that makes it sound healthy.
We’ve mentioned before that arsenic is ‘low in fat’.
And dog muck is ‘completely natural and from a renewable source’.
Doesn’t mean you should consume either, does it?
So, how do you work out what is healthy?
We generally find if something is labelled in a way that makes it sound healthy………..
It probably isn’t particularly so.
Meats, fish, veg, fruit, etc don’t come with labels.
Real foods just come as they are.
It’s a bit of an over simplification, sure.
But it’s an over simplification that won’t see you too far wrong.
Don’t believe the food marketers.
They are paid to find a way to describe foods in a way that maximise the chance of you buying them.
And making them sound healthy is a good way to do that.
Much love,
Jon ‘Hercules Rockefeller’ Hall and Matt ‘Rembrandt Q. Einstein’ Nicholson
P.S. 10 points for those middle names 😉
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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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