For those that don’t know, ‘resistance training’ is a term usually used by fitness people to describe exercising against a resistance – machines, free weights, cables, etc.


A lot of fit-pros are funny and insist on telling people to call it resistance training instead of weights.


And saying ‘fat loss’ instead of ‘weight loss’.


And the latest thing is not liking the word ‘toning’ as you apparently can’t tone a muscle, just change it’s size and the fat over it.


As you may have noticed, we’d rather talk in YOUR language, not insist you speak in some strange trainer-talk.




Any how, that’s by the by.


I’m not talking about ‘resistance training’ of the weights variety.


I’m talking about a different kind of resistance.


The kind we face when we try and do something.


Steven Pressfield first coined this term in his great books ‘The War of Art’ and ‘Do The Work’.


It’s the difficulties that present themselves that slow or halt our progress towards a goal.


It can be that little voice in our heads that tell us we can’t do it.


That it’s not for us.


That we should do XYZ instead, because it’s easier / quicker / cheaper / less stress, etc.


It can be those people who try and drag you back.


The other half, friend, colleague or family member that makes it hard work for you.


Doesn’t support you in your journey.


Offers you cake, crisps, etc and makes you feel bad if you try and say no.


Resistance is everything that makes it harder going.


But do you know what resistance shows us?


That we’re on the right path.


My Grandpa always used to tell me ‘Nothing in life worth doing is easy’.


We’re all about changing approach to make it as easy as possible in the long run.


But it will require effort, particularly in the short term.


There’s resistance to overcome.


When we know this and can see it for what it is, it helps.


Like a plane accelerating down the runway, we can, over time, use the resistance that’s hitting us to cause us to take off.


We can learn how to deflect it and use it to push us onwards and upwards.


Training ourselves to overcome this resistance will be some of the most important training we ever do.


Some of you will have noticed recently that I’ve mentioned the year 1977 a bit recently.


It was the year the modern ‘obesity epidemic’ started in our opinion.


It’ll tell you what happened tomorrow.


Much love,


Jon ‘Resisting Resistance since 2002’ Hall and Matt ‘Since 2007’ Nicholson


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