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Emotional eating: What is emotional eating and how to get it under control

Emotional eating seminar slides - What is emotional eating and how to get it under control

Daily Self Monitoring Form - EE Coach

Empowering Mindset S.O.S Technique

Bonus training on using a technique called S.O.S. to beat urges

Emotional eating Q&A #1


Any tips for parents preparing food for children and unconsciously eating as preparing! - 6:07 - https://youtu.be/ic8Y3-MCeFc?t=368

My biggest issue is consistency - I ended up yo-yoing after initially being able to stick to healthy eating- it’s hard to maintain when you’re tired/stressed etc - 8:32 - https://youtu.be/ic8Y3-MCeFc?t=512

How do you stay motivated when you have a lot to lose? I feel like I need to lose 3 stone or so and it feels insurmountable. Then I just end up eating more because it feels futile - 12:00 - https://youtu.be/ic8Y3-MCeFc?t=720

Going from slimming world meals and counting syns to calorie counting, how many calories should I be having a day? And what percentage of food groups should I be looking at? - 15:56 - https://youtu.be/ic8Y3-MCeFc?t=956

I use food to avoid stress, if I feel overwhelmed I will use food to avoid doing the other things I'd prefer not to do - difficult cycle to break - 20:08 - https://youtu.be/ic8Y3-MCeFc?t=1208

What do you do when you go on holiday so you can’t meal plan/weigh food? - 23:25 - https://youtu.be/ic8Y3-MCeFc?t=1405

Struggling trying to reduce portion size - 27:35 - https://youtu.be/ic8Y3-MCeFc?t=1655

How do you deal with the Friday feeling and all the good work being undone at the weekend? - 29:31 - https://youtu.be/ic8Y3-MCeFc?t=1771

Emotional eating: Why it's you, not the food that's the problem and Your inner critic

Seminar #1 - Menopause awareness

Seminar #1 - Menopause and nutrition

Menopause workbook

What everyone needs to know about the menopause

The Benefits and Challenges to keeping fit during Menopause

Top Tips for managing menopause mindfully