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It was our latest RISE social a week last Saturday.


My monthly ego boost as my girlfriend calls it.


It’s nice to spend half the night having people tell us how much they love what we do at RISE.


And how it’s helped transform their lives and bodies.


And I normally get some great ideas for these blogs from the conversations we have on the nights out.


The copious amounts of alcohol help loosen tongues a little 😉


I’ve got some cracking stuff coming this week from conversations with Matt and birthday boy Brian.


But I’m going to start with a conversation I had with Rick.


Rick is an old friend of Matt’s who started at the Buxton RISE when we first opened.


And now uses both clubs as he’s leaving in Leek, working in Buxton and seeing Emelie, one of the Macc ninjas.


I was sat next to Rick as the start of the night.


And it turns out that Rick is a SMED Head.


Now, that wasn’t a typo for the infamous 90s insult popularised by Lister in Red Dwarf.


Rick works as a manufacturing engineering manager.


And I, obviously, have a degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Operations Management from the University of Nottingham.


Useful working in fitness.


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My Dad has a degree in physics.


And is a farmer.


Anyway – Rick was explaining the parallels in some of the stuff we talk about in these emails and what he does.


How he designs and develops processes that work smarter, not harder.


SMED stands for single minute exchange of die.


Without going into too much geeky details it describes a process of changing a system over which used to take 3 days and has been refined down to under 10 minutes (single minutes).


And he likened it to how people can make their lives (and the things they need to do to be healthy) much more efficient.


Simple things like the layout of the kitchen – creating a natural flow from raw materials (food) through processing (cooking, etc) to packaging (plate, tupperware, etc) and waste disposal (bin, dishwasher, etc).


Or structuring your week with efficiency in mind – planning a set time to do an online food shop, planning the order around the rest of the week’s activities, batch cooking, etc.


So, imagine, like Rick, you are a SMED Head.


Look at your life as though it were a manufacturing processes.


How could you tweak and refine it to make it more efficient.


To get more out of the time you have rather than adding a list of things you need to do into your already busy lives.


Much love,






Jon ‘Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for Breakfast’ Hall and Matt ‘I’m so gorgeous, there’s a six month waiting list for birds to suddenly appear, every time I am near’ Nicholson


P.S. Tomorrow we’re going to talk about Brian – and how we’ve got in his head

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