In exercise there is a technique called ‘Rest Pause’.

It’s pretty self explanatory – you do as many reps of something as you can.
Let’s say 8.
Wait a few seconds.
Do a few more.
Maybe 3.
Rest again.
Another 2 or so.
Another rest.
And maybe another rep or so.
It takes you past your normal point of ‘failure’.
Gets a little more return than you’d get just stopping at 8 reps.
But exercises aren’t the only thing you can ‘Rest Pause’.
Doing the same with your food is a great way to make sure your portion sizes are suitable.
You will know we’re not big fans of ‘counting calories’ as a long term approach.
We prefer to concentrate on getting the balanced diet (2:2:1 for carbs, protein and fat) and JERFing (Just Eat Real Food).
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But it is true, of course, that if you eat more than you need / use you will gain weight.
Or struggle to lose it.
And people sometimes find themselves in the habit of portion sizes that aren’t appropriate for them.
It’s either the volume they’ve always eaten.
And, of course, when they are smaller they will need less.
Or it’s a volume something ‘comes in’ (eating out, recipe portions, etc).
Or it’s the same volume as someone they eat with .
So, to see if it’s the right portion for you, ‘Rest Pause’ that bad boy.
Make / have a normal size portion.
Eat half or so.
Wait a while.
See if you’re hungry.
Have a bit more if you are.
Wait again and see if you’re still hungry.
Stop eating when you’re not hungry.
And that should give you a rough idea what a suitable portion size is for you.
Remember – your appetite is your friend, not your enemy.
Don’t fight against it.
But don’t force feed it either 😉
Much love,
Jon ‘Matrix’ Hall and Matt ’21s’ Nicholson
P.S. I know they’re the same thing 😉

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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