We’ve had several conversations with people recently…….


In which we’ve explained some of the ‘additional’ things that could be contributing towards their weight gain……..


And their struggles to lose the weight.


Things like the effect of mercury in your fillings, sleeping near your mobile and / or Wi-Fi, toxins in mass produced food and drink, chemicals such as parabens in their washing products and make up, oestrogen in the tap water and so on.


################# There’s lots of other similar things people don’t always know about – myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you’re tired of going to place that just tell you to ‘Eat less and move more’ ##################


And a common response is “I’m sure if it wasn’t safe, the government wouldn’t allow it!”


The thing to remember about safety is that it is a continuum.


And one end there is ‘Will kill you instantly’.


At the other ‘Completely, 100% no risk whatsoever’.


And there is everything in between.


Very few things lie at either end of that spectrum.


Most are somewhere in the middle.


Just because somethings isn’t classed as unsafe doesn’t mean it’s good for you.


And it definitely doesn’t mean in can’t be bad for you over time.


If you look at how most things are described, it’s very black or white.


Like there some imaginary line on that ‘safety continuum’ where if something is below it, it’s fine and above it there’s a problem.


These ‘legal highs’ that are causing many people addiction problems, health issues and even death……….


Are sometimes only one molecule different from the illegal versions.


Neither is good, but by some definition one is more ok.


Bread is great example.


Apparently white bread is bad for you and wholemeal is good.


Why is that?


Fibre supposedly!


Even though very little of that reported fibre content survives to journey from grain in the field to slice on your plate.


Both are crap.


Just one is a little bit less crap.


Like saying it’s nicer to be slapped in the face then punched.


True, of course.


But neither is good, surely?


You get the message, hopefully.


Just because the government haven’t issued a public health warning about the things we mentioned above, doesn’t mean they aren’t affecting you negatively.


And it doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from changing them.


In both weight and health.


BTW – I had half my Mercury fillings replaced on Tuesday and am having the other half done next Tuesday.


I’ll let you know how that affects me 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Hurt less than I expected’ Hall and Matt ‘Why do people think dentists and FitPros enjoy hurting people? We both do this to help people’ Nicholson


Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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