Anyone remember those T-Shirts from the early 90s?


Had Mickey Mouse on it.


Saying ‘Same S£!t, different day’.


With the pound sign and exclamation mark of course 😉


It wasn’t official Disney merchandise, you’ll be surprised to hear.


I was thinking about it the other day when the deluge of Facebook proclamations started.


About the big things that are going to happen from January onwards.


The start of New Years resolutions.


“2016 will me my year” type claims.


“New Year, New You” proclamations from the gyms.


The thing is?


Most of these people made the same predictions for 2015.


And it hasn’t really happened for them.


Now we’re not saying to not have goals.


Dreaming big is cool.


We love that 🙂


But, what’s going to be different this time?


Joining the same gym again?


Back to the same slimming club?


Some slightly different, but essentially the same, diet?


We’ve mentioned before that Einstein said “Insanity is trying the same thing again and expecting different results”.


We’re going to give you a break over the next few days.


No emails till Monday.


Enjoy Christmas.


Don’t feel the need to eat and drink everything just because everyone else is.


But at the same time, remember that, while “A couple of salads don’t make you slim”……….


A couple of days of less good eating won’t make you fat.


If you’re semi-sensible.


Enjoy it.


Have an awesome Christmas.


But, you might want to spend a couple of seconds now, putting something in place so you, or a friend, are ready to actually really make a difference in 2016.


Don’t do the same thing again.


Try something that hundreds of people have found finally works for them, after years of yo-yo ing with gyms, slimming clubs and diets.


Find out more about our ’20lbs weight loss’ and ‘Beach Body’ (for those with less than 20lbs to lose) challenges.


Find out how you can get them free with our win-win set up.


Click this link to book in for the find-out-more meeting.


If you don’t you’re probably setting yourself up for 2016 being another 2015.


And 2014.


And so on.



Much love,


Jon ‘Santa’s coming tomorrow night 🙂 ‘ Hall and Matt ‘Rudolph’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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