You may or may not know that I was on honeymoon last week.


The family (yeah, we took the kids) and I had a lovely time in Ibiza.


Although it’s only a small island, we took the Sat Nav with us to make sure we got to our villa right in the middle of the island with no problems.


After that, though we used it as little as possible.


As I generally do.


I like to learn the way, you see.


When you blindly follow Sat Nav, you don’t pay so much attention.


You don’t have much understanding of where you are and the route you’re taking.


You don’t learn the way.


Don’t have Sat Nav with you, for some reason, and you’re screwed.


It’s the same with successful long term transformations (weight loss, improving health and fitness, etc).


Some exact instructions are good to get you going.


But learning the way will always work better long term.


When people start with us they sometimes ask for a ‘meal planner’.


You know – “Just tell me what to eat at every meal and I’ll do it”.


Thing is though, these guys have often tried following meal planners many times before.


And they’ll get off to a good start.


But then things go wrong.


They eat out and don’t know what to have.


So they just get their old favourite.


With dessert.


And a bottle of wine.


Or they haven’t got the ingredients they need at home.


So they get a take out pizza.


And a bottle of wine.


And before they know it, it’s been weeks since they’ve eaten ‘on plan’.


What we want is for people to ‘learn the way’.


Understand what different foods do to them and their waistlines.


Understand how the balance of meals affects what happens.


Understand what actually happens in the body when you drink alcohol and soft drinks.


So you can find your way through all eventualities.


Not just the ones you have a plan for.


Doesn’t mean it will always be smooth sailing.


Doesn’t mean you’ll always make the ‘right’ decision.


######## Hell, I must have drunk my own weight in beer last week ##########


But we find that learning to find your own way always gets people further, long term, than blindly following instructions.


Not sure about anything?


Hit reply and ask us 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Had a few ice creams too’ Hall and Matt ‘Used to have the worst SatNav in the world on my phone’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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