You seen ‘Rogue One’ yet?


If not, you may want to stop reading.


It’s not a big spoiler, but I’m about to mention something that happens in it.


Keep scrolling down if you want to carry on.














Bit more..











There’s a scene where Darth Vader appears in this corridor.


After something he is.


Lots of people in the corridor with guns there are.


Taking like Yoda I am 😉


Anyway, he goes nuts.


Massacring dozens of these dudes in seconds with his light sabre and the ‘powers of the force’.


As he keeps walking down this somewhat claustrophobic corridor.


Pretty scary scene.


Although I, of course, know it’s not real, I could definitely feel a quickening of the pulse and a standing up if the hairs on the back of my arms.


There’s stuff in loads of other films that, on paper, is way scarier.


But, when you watch things as an adult, it elicits a different reaction to stuff that scared you as a kid.


Anyone who’s my age give or take a decade may feel the same.


Darth Vader scared me a child, and those childhood memories are often powerful ones.


Same with a lot of relationships with things which we develop in our youth.


Certain foods we “don’t like”.


Opinions on food we were brought up with.


It’s role as a ‘treat’.


How we may use it differently dependant on mood.


How we view healthy food.


How we view breakfast as a meal.


How we view use of time for eating.


And so on.


We often ending continuing with things into adulthood that don’t serve us all that well.


Because that’s what we learned as a child.


And it’s just, kinda, stuck.




We can challenge those beliefs.


Question them.


Maybe change them.


Find ones that serve us better.


Ones that will helps us get where we actually really want to be.


Try it.


“Search your feelings” as old Darthy himself might say.


Let us know if you’re unsure where to start.




Much love,


Jon ‘Bi Wan’ Hall and Matt ‘Yoda’ Nicholson





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