Anyone reading his scared of dogs?


One of the most common ways of helping people who are is for them to first observe a ‘model’ (actor basically) interacting with dogs.


First just approaching them.


Building up to stroking them then playing with them.


The person with the phobia observes what the model is doing.


How it looks and feels.


How it all works in a real life situation.


They then build up to doing the same themselves.


Copying the actions they’ve seen.


Repeating them.


It helps them overcome the perceived difficulties and fears related to those actions that exist in their heads.


Doesn’t always work perfectly, of course.


But, it’s a pretty good approach.


It’s what’s called guided mastery.


And the same approach works well for people getting in shape.


People often say that they “know what to do” when trying to get in shape.


But just can’t seem to do it.


And whilst it’s kinda true that they know what to do………


They know they need to eat better and do more exercise………


It’s almost like someone who’s scared of dogs saying they know how to stroke one.


They know it in theory.


But putting it into practice isn’t so easy.


They don’t quite know how it really looks and feels to permanently incorporate those changes in food, exercise and lifestyle into an already busy and challenging life.


The same guided mastery method is a big part of the shared journey our ninjas take.


Seeing how other people you perceive to be similar to you made / makes these changes……..


How it really looks and feels for them to incorporate it into their lives……..


Is always more powerful than just being told what to do.


Often by someone you don’t perceive as having the same challenges that you do.



So, look to those people.


Find those people who are similar to you, but doing what you’re struggling with (we’ve got loads of them down here –


Talk to them about it.


Find out how what they are doing really looks and feels.


Not just the ‘technical’ description of the ‘what’ of what they are doing.


But really get a feel for how it’s happening.


And, before you know it, you’ll be ‘playing with that dog’ and wondering why you ever had a problem with it.



Much love,


Jon ‘Once ran one of my dogs over 🙁 ‘ Hall and Matt ‘Woodland walks with Milo’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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