Self limiting beliefs 3 -’s an old saying “whether you think that you can or you think that you can’t, you’re probably right”.

Several years ago, when I started working as an Area Manager for Fitness Agents one of the other managers said to me at an early meeting something that really struck home.

He talked about personal trainers, how often their lack of success was down to their self-limiting beliefs.

Whilst they may have said that they thought they could do it, that they could generate business, run a successful, self-employed personal training business,, etc – they didn’t genuinely believe it.

They had self-limiting beliefs.

Their beliefs, their thought-processes, were holding them back, and stopping them from achieving what they could do.

And a ever since then, I see self-limiting beliefs everywhere.

People looking to lose weight, who despise saying all the right things, don’t really believe that they can do it.

People who have a goal, who again doubt their own ability to achieve it.

Self limiting beliefs 4 -

I used to have self-limiting beliefs.

Self limiting beliefs 5

When I was a teenager, in my early twenties, I was over-weight

There were a lot of things I could doubted that I could do.

But then, over time, I talked myself out of this.

I made myself think that if it was possible, that if someone else could do it, there was no reason I couldn’t do it.

At first these were just words.

Words I told myself.

But the more I told myself that if someone else could do it, there was no reason I couldn’t do it, the more my confidence grew that it was really the case

The more I began to really believe that I could do it.

Again, it didn’t happen over-night, but I knew that if I stuck at telling myself this, it would happen.

Now, it’s just the way I think.

And over the years, I have brought countless clients to think the same.

To try and remove their self-limiting beliefs, to tell themselves that if someone else can do it, there’s no reason that they can’t do it.

Again it’s just been words to start with, but the more they told themselves that, the more they began to truly believe it.

Their self-limiting beliefs had started to erode, and when they truly started to believe that there’s no reason that they can’t make the changes that would help them achieve the weight-loss, the health, and the fitness that they desire, then they would inevitably go on to achieve it.

So, if you have a goal, whether it be weight-loss, or a life goal, a relationship goal, a work goal, ask yourself now: “Do you truly, truly believe that you can do it?”.

If the answer is no, look and see if it’s possible.

Self limiting beliefs 2 -

Has anyone ever done what you want to do before?

Presuming that someone else has, ask yourself: is there any reason that they could do it and I couldn’t do it?

If the answer to that is no, tell yourself that you can do it, tell yourself that you are worthy of achieving that goal, tell yourself that you are no less worthy, no less valid than people that have achieved this goal, tell yourself that you can do it.

Try and remove your self-limiting beliefs.

Self limiting beliefs 1 -

Again it won’t happen straight away, but the more you tell yourself this, the easier it will become.

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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