Imagine I texted you and told you to set your alarm for 3am this Sunday.


What would your response be?


“Why?” I should imagine.


If I didn’t respond to that I don’t imagine that alarm would be set, would it?


If I texted back and said “You’ve won an all expenses paid holiday for two weeks in the Bahamas. The plane leaves at 5am and there’s a taxi coming to collect you at 3.30am” what would you do?


Set your alarm I should imagine.


You see, if the ‘why’ is powerful enough we’re more than happy to put the effort in, aren’t we?


And that’s where people often go wrong when they try and get slimmer / healthier / fitter.


Their ‘why’ isn’t strong enough.


It might not even be THEIR ‘why’ at all.


It might be someone else’s that they’ve kinda latched onto without really realising.


People who try and lose weight “because they just think they should” rarely do.


“I just think I should” isn’t particularly powerful when faced with the ‘treats’ at work, the option of skipping a workout, or the bottle of wine when you get home, is it?


Imagine you were told by a doctor that the next time you did any of the above, you would die immediately!


You’d stop pretty quickly, no?


Your ‘why’ would be more powerful than those things that take you away from your goal.


Now, hopefully, that won’t happen.


But you probably do have a deeper ‘why’ in you than you’re currently using.


If you’re struggling to keep on track, I’d wager you haven’t got as deep as possible with your ‘why’.


And / or you’re not reminding yourself of it on a regular basis.


The way to find your ‘why’?


Keep asking yourself “why?”


Like an annoying child.


Possibly for days on end.


Until you genuinely don’t feel you can get any deeper.


Start now.


“Why do you want to lose weight / get fit / improve your health?”


“Why do you want to [whatever you just said]?”












If it helps, my ‘why’ is as follows:


I am petrified of death.


Cannot think of anything worse.


I want to delay that as long as possible.


I want to have the energy and enthusiasm to get the most out of my life.


I want to be around for the kids as long as I can and to have as much time as possible with them, the grand-children and the great grand-children.


I don’t want to be too much of a ‘concern’ to them in my old age.


And, for me, that is more powerful than having a six pack.


And much more powerful than the appeal of crappy food and convenience is.


Yours doesn’t need to be the same.


But the deeper you get, and the more you remind yourself of it………


The more powerful it will be.


Do it now!





Much love,


Jon ‘Alarming’ Hall and Matt ‘Alarmed’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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