Another blog involving my Step Daughter.


It’s worth reading though.




My two oldest sons and I often stop off at Silktown Snooker for some pool action on the way home.


## Heh Sammie 🙂 ##


They’re getting quite good.


And Izzie my stepdaughter sometimes plays pool with her Dad.


We all went together a few weeks ago.


And Izzie struggled as the cues available were much bigger than the ones she’d been playing with.


The boys have only ever used the normal ones, so were used to it.


She got a bit upset.


So we popped down to Intersport and bought her a child’s cue.


Only £5.95 it was.




Now she’s fine.


She just need the right cue for her.


Like we all do when changing our habits.


A habit consists of three parts.








At a particular point we do something for some benefit.


With minimal conscious thought.


It might be Alarm goes off – Get out of bed – Don’t lose job.


Or Be offered cake – Eat it – Feel all nice for a few minutes.


There has to be something to set off our actions and a reason to do them.


Gaining pleasure or avoiding pain usually.


And to create new habits we need an appropriate cue.


Rather than just trying to remember to do it for the rest of our lives.


It might be Something happens at work – Drink some water – Feel better and progress on Heath and fitness goals.


Leave work on a Monday – Go to supermarket for healthy food shop – Lose weight over time.


Kids in bed Sunday night – Plan food for week – Feel better that week.


Leave work on Wednesday – Go for workout – Feel awesome after.


And so on.


Don’t just vaguely plan to do something at some point.


Set a cue for it.


A time, when something else happens, something.


Cue – Routine – Reward.



Much love,


Jon ‘Cu[t]e’ Hall and Matt ‘Cu[e]pid’ Nicholson





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