I wasn’t going to tie her up – promise!

My girlfriend Alex had a right look on her face recently when I started talking about the Pain-Pleasure Principle.

She told me afterwards that all of a sudden she had she had visions of me revealing a side of myself that I hadn’t prior to us moving in together.

Flashing through her eyes were handcuffs, whips and all sorts of paraphernalia.

I wasn’t talking about this sort of stuff – I may will in a later email though 😉

I was talking about the Pain-Pleasure Principle with regards to making changes in your life.

The Pain-Pleasure Principle deals with the important factors related to making any decision and change in your life.

Anything you ever do has a certain amount of pain associated to it and a certain amount of pleasure.

We often subconsciously rationalize what pain we think is worth enduring and the pleasure it will give.

This pain, obviously, isn’t always physical and the pleasure isn’t always instant.

The pain may be not having that slice of cake – or even that second slice of cake.

It may be doing that exercise session.

It may be choosing to not hang out with someone who you know, whose habits bring you down.

The pleasure may be the feeling of improved health and fitness.

The nice feeling you get when someone compliments you on your improving physique.

The sense of satisfaction you get when you can play a full game with your children without having to sit down.

It’s useful to be aware of the pain-pleasure principle to help you properly assess each individual situation in your life that contributes towards your achievement, or lack thereof, of a goal.

Any time you know you have to make a decision that will potentially affect your future happiness, take a second and consciously determine the pain and the pleasure involved in this decision – both short-term and long-term.

Decide if the pain is worth the pleasure or if the loss of pleasure short-term is worth the gain in pleasure long-term.

It’s not always easy to do but being aware of that while you make the decision often makes it easier to make the right decision for you.


Much love,


Jon “Not into whips …. honest” Hall

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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