SkyNet did it on August 29th 1997 [When will you do it?]

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I recently watched the Terminator films with my two older sons.

Well, the first three anyway (and we nearly didn’t do #3).

Arguably mildly age inappropriate but I was their age when I saw them so I blame my parents if it’s not ok.

Anyway, anyone remember what SkyNet did on August 27th 1997?

25 days after first being switched on?

Or on July 25th 2004 if you’re working of the Terminator 3 timeline (which, I assume, no one is?).

Or even 1995, 2003, 2011, 2017 or this last June according to Terminator Wiki (#reserach).

It became self aware didn’t it?

Then caused a nuclear war wiping out most of humanity.


If it took the most advanced computer system ever made 25 days of continual processing to become self aware, it’s no wonder we sometimes struggle with it, is it?

Telling ourselves “I know what I need to do, I just need to do it”………….

Despite that not working (on average, over time) in the past.

Expecting and hoping that everything will go perfectly in the day or week………….

Despite that not working (on average, over time) in the past.

Berating ourselves and saying things about ourselves that we’d never dream of saying to anyone else………….

Despite that not working (on average, over time) in the past.

Expecting behaviour in others that we haven’t verbalised to them, let alone got their agreement on………….

Despite that not working (on average, over time) in the past.

We’d all like to think we’re self aware.

I know I would.

But our actions often show otherwise.

Challenging those thoughts, those beliefs, those habits and those mindsets…………..

Especially those that aren’t serving us………….

Can be one of the most powerful things we can ever do.

And tomorrow I’m going to cover the three ways we can change our beliefs.

Much love,

Jon ‘Connor’ Hall

P.S. Obvious middle name, I know. If you’re of an approximately similar age to me (41) I assume all the boys in your school turned up for school in 1991 with a long side parting?

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