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You know the quote.


By Neil Armstrong (or Louis Armstrong as my wife used the think was the first man on the moon).


“One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.”


small steps to weight loss


Well, that giant leap actually came from thousands of small steps.


Someone didn’t just wake up one day and build a space rocket from scratch.


Thousands and thousands of incremental improvements over time.


With the odd big leap forward.


But it’s the small steps that make up the bulk of it.


Same with any goal.


Going to the moon, or losing weight and / or getting fitter and healthier.


Small Steps to Weight Loss


Small steps.


Lots of them.


Little things that, by themselves, seem inconsequential.


But that add up.


The giant leaps will come.


But will only come when we work on the small steps to weight loss.


Imagine if the Moon Dudes (TM) had woken every morning and said “Are we on the moon yet?”


All those “No” responses would soon become dispiriting.


Like just focusing on a final weight or dress size.


If we wake every day and say “Am I 12 stone?” or “Am I a size 10?”………….


All those “No” responses would soon become dispiriting.


Have the giant leap in mind, sure.


But just keep working on those small steps and it will come.


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Much love,


Jon ‘Buzz Lightyear’ Hall and Matt ‘Phil Collins’ Nicholson


P.S. My middle name is two easy. A point for Matt’s though 🙂


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Jon Hall

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