We all know the benefits of regular exercise.


Fitter, stronger, healthier, etc.


The thing is though that often these benefits are put out there in a way that many people aren’t that bothered about.


Most FitPros talk exclusively about improvements to some number.


Things like one rep maxes.


You know, how much weight you can lift on say a deadlift, squat or bench press for one repetition.


Or personal best times on some ‘as fast as you can’ workout.


With a strange name you’ve never heard of.


Or some improvement to some other number – weight, body fat percentage, resting heart rate, blood pressure, etc.


And we know these things are good.


But, for many of us, they don’t fill us with enough enthusiasm that we want to go do the same ourselves.


“So what?” most people say.


Our answer to that is always “so that……”


Adding to the end of such a ‘stat’ with what it actually means to that person.


Which is, of course, different for everyone.


“We’re going to increase your strength on these lifts so that you find work and keeping up with the kids easier”


“This will help improve your fitness and endurance, so that you have more energy at the end of a busy day”


“By doing this, we’ll lower your resting heart rate and blood pressure, so that you reduce the probability of developing heart problems and increase your chance of being around longer for the kids and grandchildren”


And so on.


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Improving those numbers alone is still great.


But when you tie it in to what that actually means to your life, that’s way more motivating than the number alone.


It all boils down to your ‘Why’.


Your deep routed reason for wanting these changes.


No right or wrong.


The deeper you get with it……….


The more real it is to you………


The more it is something you really care about………


The more that will keep you going when things start to get in the way.


If you don’t know ‘Why’ you’re doing this yet……….


Then now is the time to decide.


Keep asking yourself ‘Why?’


Like an annoying child.


Till you can’t get any deeper.


And keep that to mind when making those choices 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘So Solid Crew’ Hall and Matt ‘So Macho’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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