If your upbringing was anything like mine, chances are it was drilled into you to not waste food.


During the early to mid 80s, with Band Aid and the like, Ethiopia was the by-word for poverty and starvation.


Consequently, pretty much any time it looked like I might leave some food on my plate, my mother would point out that “Some Ethiopian child would love to have that”.


Like me, as a chubby western child eating more than I needed would make him feel better?????


Anyhow, most of us have this built in aversion to wasting food.


And will often ‘finish stuff off’ so as not to waste it.


There’s two points that can be made here:


Firstly, if it’s a regular occurrence, we really should get better at judging portion sizes.


But, secondly and more importantly, once you have eaten enough, there’s one of two places that extra food is going.


In the bin.


Or on your stomach / hips.


As always, it’s your call what you do.


No preaching.


Just helping question the ‘not wasting food’ mindset which can hold people back.



Much love,


Jon ‘You could also Tupperware it up for later’ Hall and Matt ‘Do They Know Its Christmas’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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