This Saturday it is the Born Survivor event at Capesthorne Hall.


Members will know this as I’ve mentioned it several thousand times in the last few years.


For those that don’t know, it’s one of these OCR (Obstacle Course Run) events that have become popular over the last few years.


A 10k run / walk through the grounds of Capesthorne.


With 31 obstacles along the way.


And we have a team.


A big team.


The biggest team.


## We’re raising money for a great local cause too – I’ll send you a separate email about that shortly 🙂 ##


While the local group training facilities that pride themselves on the difficulty of their workouts………..


That market themselves to people who’ve always loved training hard and like a good ‘beasting’……..


While they get, maybe, two or three of their members to turn out for such an event.


We have 106 people on our team.


The biggest team in the UK across all Born Survivor events this year.


Something we are mega proud of.


Our small, local, independently run club……..


Has, as far as I can see, more people on their team……..


Then every other facility or gym in Cheshire COMBINED!


And the best bit?


Pretty much every single one of these legends would never have dreamed of doing such a thing only a few months or years ago.


These aren’t people who’ve always been into such stuff.


These are ‘normal’ people.


People who’ve tried gyms, slimming clubs, diets, etc, etc over the years.


And not found they work for them, long term.


Didn’t enjoy them.


Found them boring, restrictive and hard to stick to.


These are people who joined just wanting to “lose a bit of weight”.


Who would have probably run a mile at the idea of Born Survivor once upon a time (note: If that’s you at the moment, don’t let this put you off. These guys have all willingly put themselves forward for this. We don’t make people do stuff they don’t want to).


And, before our eyes, they have transformed.


They’ve lost weight, sure.


And that’s cool.


But seeing the change in them as people is by far the most satisfying part of this whole thing.


It won’t be easy – I’m not going to pretend otherwise.


But it will be fun!


And I fully expect the beaming smiles of the 25 that did it last year to be repeated four times over.


Proud in what they’ve done.


Proud that they’ve done something they thought they never could.


Proud at what they have achieved.


And that, really, is what we’re all about.


“Becoming what you always wanted to be!”


And, if you haven’t checked us out yet and like the sound of such an amazing transformation in yourself (not necessarily doing Born Survivor, just becoming more awesome), then check this out –>



Much love,


Jon ‘Pretty Muddy’ Hall and Matt ‘Tough Guy’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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