Every now and again you realise you’ve been doing something daft, don’t you?


I had one over the Christmas period.


About 6 months ago I changed from monthly contact lenses to daily disposables as my eyes were getting a bit dry.


With my monthlies if they didn’t go in quite right the first time, a minute or two of blinking and moving my eyes round would settle them.


Or I might need to take them out, give them a clean and put them back in.


Neither of those work with the dailies.


So sometimes I’d put them in and they’d be slightly sore all day.


If they were really bad when I put them in, I’d change one or both.


But many times I’d leave them in if it wasn’t too uncomfortable.


As I, of course, would have to pay for any additional pairs I used.


Until, in something of a lightbulb moment, it hit me.


I was putting up with sore eyes all day………


To save 50p or a pound.


If you’d have said to me “I’ll pay you 50p a day to have mildly sore eyes all day”………..


Would I have taken it?


Of course not.




But I was doing that to ‘save’ that amount.


But, that’s human nature.


Were often willing to do things to save money that we wouldn’t do to make it.


Going out of our way to save a penny a litre on fuel or a pound or two on a shop.


Where if I told you “There’s 47p on the floor at XYZ” you probably wouldn’t make an effort to go and fetch it.


And putting up with things in our life that make us unhappy to save a pound or so a day.


Like with saving on health, etc.


I get that what we do costs a little more than a budget gym does.


But, there’s a reason.


The 80% that rarely go subsidise the cost for those that do.


And gyms get next to no results for most people.


No support, no systems, no enjoyment.


It works for some – more power to them.


And we get that eating less well can save a bit of money and time.


But for someone who sticks with both of the despite it never working for them before………


To save a pound or so a day……..


Is like someone offering them “A pound a day to have a body you don’t like the look and feel of, lower energy, more bloatedness, lower sex drive, more aches and pains and so on”.


Which I don’t think anyone would do.


We get that everyone has a limited budget to work with and that there’s lots of things demanding of that.


But we always find those that realise that their health and happiness is worth spending, say 4% of the average income rather than 2.5%, think it’s the best spend they make each month.


If you’re already a ninja with us, hopefully that’s helped remind you that your investment is a worthwhile one.


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Much love,


Jon ‘Pretty Green Eyes’ Hall and Matt ‘Dry Your Eyes Mate’ Nicholson


P.S. Pretty easy middle names there – one bonus ninja point 🙂


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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