Spacecrafts, scrums and couples do it

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What do spacecrafts, scrums and couples all have in common?

It’s not a joke by the way – genuine question.


Spacecrafts engage with each other.

Scrums in rugby engage when the front rows lock into each other.

And couples get engaged with a view to getting married.

It’s something we sometimes struggle with in other areas of life.

None more so than our health and fitness.

When we can’t do that theoretically perfect version of what we’d like to……….

Three or more workouts per week…….

Eat like a nutritionist every day…….

And whatever else……….

It’s tempting to go a bit ‘head in the sand’.

To withdraw completely.

To stop reading the blogs, interacting in the Facebook group, replying to messages, booking in for sessions, etc.

Life can’t always be perfect.

Rarely to be honest.

If ever.

But, if we stay ‘engaged’, it’ll probably be better than it would’ve been if we’d done the equivalent of hiding in our room with our fingers in our ears.

Much love,

Jon ‘QEQS Number 3 1991-1996’ Hall

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