We’ve got our new ninjas starting their risk free trial with us this week (I’m, tactically, writing this before they’ve started though – it’ll be a busy week).




More and more each month we get people starting with us who’ve “been reading your emails for a while and I love them. It’s like you’re talking to me”.


Which is cool, because that’s what we’re going for.


They are supposed to be conversational.


And easy to read.


Hence these short sentences.


I used to be a stickler for ‘proper writing’.


And sentence structure and grammar.


Until I realised that this often meant the message wasn’t getting across.


Because it wasn’t enjoyable to read.


These bad boys generally score 80-90% of the ‘Flesch Reading Ease’ scale in MS Word (it’s in ‘Spelling & Grammar’ if you want to check it out).


And people often comment that it’s ‘different’ how we talk about stuff not related to fitness, but with ‘parallels’ to something useful.


Like how I mention my kids a lot.


Again, that’s deliberate.


People take things in better from stories than a dry list of facts.


It helps provides context to our situations.


And sparks our imagination as to how we could implement things into our own lives.


Most stuff out there is as boring as hell.


‘Top 10 reasons you must ……”


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“Best way to ……..”


And so on.


Give or take, most people know what they should be doing.


Or, at least, the basic direction.


Do more exercise and eat better at the least usually.


So, obviously, just telling someone ‘what to do’ isn’t going to help, if it hasn’t already.


After all, there’s more free info out there than at any point in history.


But, as a population, we’re fatter and less healthy than ever before.


So, that’s why we write these emails like this.


In ‘normal talk’ rather than ‘Fitness Speak’.


Hope you like them.






Much love,


Jon ‘Better at French than his girlfriend and she knows it’ Hall and Matt ‘Can speak a little Thai’ Nicholson

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